Our Clinic

Students have easy access to the School Clinics.  We have one located in the KG block for our Preschool and Kindergarten students and a second in the Main block for Primary and Middle School students. DHA Licensed Nurses & Doctor are available from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm daily.


In addition to providing Emergency Care & First Aid, the ASD Medical Team actively 


  • Provide Health Education
  • Work on Infection Control and Child Protection & Safeguarding
  • Stay connected with parents regarding their child’s health


Parents are provided with Medical forms at the time of admission which give the school the medical & immunization history of every child. These are needed in case of emergency. It is mandatory that all parents complete & submit these forms prior to their child attending the school.


Here are some health reminders for our parents:


  1. Ensure proper grooming of your child when sending them to school. School uniform, socks and shoes must be clean. Nails must be trimmed and nail polish is not allowed. Strong and harsh perfumes are not recommended.


  1. If your child has head lice, it is important that this is  promptly treated with good anti lice shampoo/lotion or cream.


  1. We strongly recommend that you bring an additional set of clothes for children especially those in KG and Grades 1-3.


  1. Always ensure that healthy packed lunches and snacks such as sandwiches, fruits and vegetables are provided.  Soft drinks, fast food and junk food are not allowed.


  1. ASD has a NO NUT policy.  NUTS or food with NUT protein are strictly forbidden in school.


  1. Please ensure that sick children are not sent to school.


  1. Should it be necessary for any student to take medication during school hours, parents must inform the school nurse, providing exact details of the dosage and timing along with the name and grade of the student.  All medicines must be properly labelled and stored in the school clinic.


  1. It is the duty of the parent to inform the clinic and the administration if any child has health issues such as: ASTHMA, DIABETES, VISUAL PROBLEMS, HEARING PROBLEMS, ANEMIA, ALLERGIES or if a child is diagnosed with conditions like ADHD, NFTT, AUTISM, etc.



Phone: 042041010 (KG Nurse) / 042041040 (Ta'sees I - IX Nurse) or email nurse-asd@amitydubai.ae


The School clinic is open from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm from Monday to Thursday and 7.30 am to 12.00 pm on Friday.


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