To provide leadership opportunities is to unlock students’ potential inspiring them to be responsible, independent, self-driven and ready for the future and we are immensely proud to announce the student Council 2022-23.

Here’s a list of our student council members.

Head Boy - Maheswar Jayakrishnan Nair
Head Girl - Karen Johnson
Vice Head Boy - Naythan Varghese
Vice Head Girl - Rishelle Roy
UAE Culture Ambassador - Zayna Khan and Syed Faizan
Happiness and Well Being Ambassador - Huda Abdussami Kadri and Nevin Anil Joy
Head of Games and Sports - Guneet Ahluwalia and Saiarjun Gopinath
Head of Editorial Board - Adithya Amaldeep and Iniya Rajesh Kumar
Red House Prefect - Hind Daud Ali and Chahel  Polarouthu
Yellow House Prefect - Mohamed Rishan  Hagalwadi and Jahnavi Nikhil  Parikh
Blue House Prefect - Shobhit Sachdeva and Ashna  Kulavoor
Green House Prefect - Sai Vaibhav Bhatnagar and Manha Khan 


Campus & Facilities

Our spacious, well-designed classrooms provide an ideal learning environment for children to learn and excel in each day


Mission & Values

Amity School Dubai provides an engaging and challenging learning environment where students are encouraged to excel intellectually, academically and socially.


Our curriculum

Amity School Dubai offers the CBSE Curriculum of India. We are aligned to meet the highest standard of Indian Education 

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