To deliver the best standards in all our schools, each school develops robust and compliant policies in line with the UAE's education governing body. 

Click HERE to view/download the list of all the School Policies

Click HERE to view/download the list of all the School Circulars


ASD Policies:


  • Click HERE to view/download our Admissions Policy
  • Click HERE to view/download our Attendance Policy
  • Click HERE to view/download our Behaviour Policy
  • Click HERE to view/download our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  • Click HERE to view/download our Environment Health and Safety Policy
  • Click HERE to view/download our Extended Learning Policy
  • Click HERE to view/download our KHDA School Registration and Refund Policy
  • Click HERE to view/download our Student's of Determination Policy


Additional Certifications and Reports


  • Click HERE to view/download our CBSE Grant Letter
  • Click HERE to view/download our Certificate of Trust
  • Click HERE to view/download our NOC
  • Click HERE to view/download our School Permit
  • Click HERE to view/download our New Building Completion Certificate
  • Click HERE to view/download our Fire Safety Certificate
  • Click HERE to view/download our DEO Certificate
  • Click HERE to view/download our Test Report
  • Click HERE to view/download information about the members of the School Committee



Academic Calendar

We’ve highlighted important dates and events for your convenience. 


Senior Leadership Team

Our leadership team sets a high benchmark, working closely and collaboratively to ensure that our students receive outstanding education in a happy and positive setting.



Amity School Dubai has comprehensive Learning Support Teams comprising of highly educated and experienced staff.


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