Strategic leaderships, accountability, compliance and evaluation of the education system is effectively managed by the school Leadership Team, the Middle Leadership Team, the School Management Team and the Pastoral Care team.


Through our diversity, we achieve creativity


ASD Co Learners

Academic and administrative staff at ASD are an amazing group of people who inspire and empower the school community. They have different styles, approaches and mindsets but share an achievable vision. ASD staff lead the way by focusing on possibilities, mindfully.  They are problem solvers, listen carefully and welcome ideas from everyone. They are compassionate, patient and friendly. They are learners with a lifelong learning mindset.


The finest blend of expertise in soft skills and emotional capabilities, our senior leadership team practice open door policy towards parents, students and fellow colleagues.


Our MLT team shares a vision to be the most dynamic provider of education that use variety of methods that benefit each student as per their requirements. At the heart of a dynamic learning journey is a dynamic teacher who is also a co learner, a facilitator, a composer and goal keeper.


Our School Management Team is a group that’s focused and dynamic ensuring the school’s long term strategies are implemented across all functions.

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