We have implemented distance learning practices for all students of Amity School Dubai until June 2020. Every students’ curriculum will include a mixture of pre-recorded classes and interactive online sessions with class and subject teachers. We will continue to reinforce all lessons by providing follow-up reading material and fun activities that help students understand their subject matter better.


Our New Normal

We appreciate your support and willingness to adapt to remote learning. Although classes are being delivered online, we understand that these are challenging times for our students and parents. Amity’s leadership team and community are here to support parents and students through the transition. Amity School Dubai will continue to teach and effectively implement lessons online, even when schools remain closed for students.

“Many sectors in our society are on pause, waiting for normal life to resume. Yet education is different. Rather than being on pause, education is now in the fast lane.” Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).



Amity Dubai staff and teachers are available throughout the week to help our parents and students embrace these new methods of learning. To share your suggestions and feedback, please email pre-asd@amitydubai.ae


Remote Teaching Support


We understand the challenges and changes involves in adjusting to online learning within different environments, while also maintaining meaningful digital interaction. Thus we are following a blend of synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods. 

Well-crafted learning resources, collaborative classes, age-appropriate online content, personalised teacher-student interaction, guidance for parents and regular progress updates, are some of the methods we are following. 

Technology and Tools - Kindergarten


Teachers use appropriate and effective distance learning platforms for each grade. 

  1. Adobe After effects/Loom: To create interactive videos that include phonics, numbers, art, craft, music, story sessions etc.

  2. Seesaw App: To teach, assign activities and give feedback to children.

  3. Microsoft Office 365 Teams: To facilitate one-on-one sessions, live lessons and group events.

Technology and Tools - Primary & Middle School

  1. Padlet – To enable students to create beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to

  2. Flipgrid – To empower every voice in the classroom by recording and sharing short, awesome videos together

  3. Socrative – To enables teachers to share content, distribute quizzes, create assignments in an efficient way which helps to monitor and evaluate learning effectively

  4. Microsoft Office 365 Teams: To facilitate online (both synchronous and asynchronous) teaching methods, resources and assignments, as well as conducting live meetings.

  5. NearPod: To create presentations that contain quizzes, polls, videos, images, drawing boards and web content.

Health and Wellbeing


The health and wellbeing of our students is our main priority. We recognize that the abrupt transition to online sessions has been difficult and that universal social distancing measures have drastically altered our social lives. For information on managing stress, anxiety or fear, please contact our School Counsellor, Ms. Sushma Dmello counsellor@amitydubai.ae


Below is a social story, which you may wish to show your young child/children if they are anxious or worried about Coronavirus.

Click Here for Social Story 


Page-by-page @ ASD


At the Amity School Dubai, we have facilitated an extraordinary reading programme called Page-by-Page @ ASD for every young Amitian from Ta’sees KI to Ta’sees VII. This unique reading programme provides unlimited magic and wonder, page by page to our children. Children will step into an imaginative world without any boundaries.

We have an exceptionally brilliant platform to instill reading in our Amitians called myOn by Renaissance.

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