The curriculum at Amity School Dubai is aligned and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and honours the legacy and values of providing exceptional standards of education, enshrined in the UAE National Agenda.


We aspire to play our part in encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle with an inherent belief in creating positive relationships, throughout the school community.


Our curriculum aims at

  • Raising the achievement levels of every child
  • Encouraging children to be independent learners
  • Supporting sustainability, creativity, ambition and enterprise
  • Promoting and fostering the ethos of global citizenship
  • Meeting the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing needs of our children and community


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Our campus is equipped to educate K to 12. The following grades are available for the academic year 2023 - 24

  • Foundation Stage (Pre-K to Grade 2)
  • Preparatory Stage (Grade 3 to Grade 5)
  • Middle Stage (Grade 6 to Grade 8)
  • Secondary Stage (Grade 9 to Grade 10)


Why Amity School Dubai?


Our dynamic education system focuses on seamlessly enabling young Amitians to become passionate, self-driven and balanced human beings that are creative, empathetic and proactive in all areas of life.


With this focus, we offer a variety of programmes like STEAM, Mahir and Tafkeer that are integrated into our curriculum and support students to achieve the highest standards in a variety of co-scholastic areas including sports, creative expression, performing arts and more


Our school’s facilities make it a suitable stage for many of your child’s most exciting days, comprising of safely designed learning spaces, creative art studios (Ibda’a), performing arts studio (Ta’beer), active skill-enhancing innovative STEAM spaces (Zaka’a), reading room and library (Tarkeez), working laboratory spaces (Ma’refa), swimming pools, indoor and outdoor play areas (In’tilaq).


Innovation @  Amity School Dubai


We aim to promote a culture of innovation in school by igniting curiosity, creativity and critical thinking both inside and outside the classrooms.


Innovation culture is instigated through our bespoke curriculum, creative practices in teaching for effective learning, steps taken to instill social responsiblity, inquiry based approach to develop learning skills and integrating STEAM across subjects.


The Amity Learning Community believes in a dynamic, responsive, adaptive and intellectually stimulating learning experience for all students to flourish in an uncertain future, replete with endless opportunities and extraordinary challenges.


We are a 'Digital Citizenship certified school'. Our innovation team has undertaken a research project with HP Idea and is working on a unique plan to discover if 'Student designed assessments would create a better impact on learning and engagement'.


Beautiful Location

Our classrooms are filled with natural light, and the large campus allows for extensive sports and arts facilities. This helps us encourage your child to develop new and existing talents.



Your child’s safety in transportation is essential to us


Safety & Security

Every building in our campus is built using environmentally-safe materials, with disability friendly movement throughout its grounds


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