A glimpse into Amity School Dubai


At Amity School Dubai, we focus on the importance of providing the best educational infrastructure for our students.


Our spacious, well-designed classrooms provide an ideal learning environment for children to learn and excel. Each classroom is equipped with smart boards to make daily lessons interactive and engaging for our students. With emphasis on creating a positive learning environment for students; our classrooms are designed with bright color schemes and large windows, bringing in plenty of natural light.


Spacious and colorful hallways connect classrooms and activity spaces. Indoor and outdoor play areas offer plenty of free space for students. These areas are equipped with recreational facilities for children to enjoy their recess, break times and sports activities.



Our Learning Resources


Our grade/age appropriate quality learning resources are available for children to explore ideas, enhance knowledge, collaborate, solve problems and develop interactive skills that will help them become the pioneers of tomorrow. A varied selection of instructional materials, e-learning aids and practical resources are available to support subject matter.



Our Facilities


Dedicated spaces are provided to enhance our learning enrichment programmes, which include ICT, Art, STEAM and Music courses, to name a few. Our Library provides a range of learning opportunities where students have access to information and technology. Books are available in English, Arabic, Hindi, French, Malayalam and Tamil.


Our semi olympic swimming pool is designed to meet all health and safety guidelines to conduct lessons as a part of our Physical Education curriculum, with a swimming coach and lifeguard always on duty. Children of Amity School Dubai constantly participate in various inter-school swimming competitions. 



Our Clinic


Our well-equipped Clinic facility is fitted with all the required medical equipment and supplies - ready to deliver first-aid and emergency treatment to any pupil in need. We have a full time DHA-approved and qualified nurse at the clinic and a doctor always on call.


Spacious and colourful hallways connect classrooms and activity spaces. Indoor and outdoor play areas offer plenty of free space for our students.


Academic Calendar

We’ve highlighted important dates and events for your convenience. 


Senior Leadership Team

Our leadership team sets a high benchmark, working closely and collaboratively to ensure that our students receive outstanding education in a happy and positive setting.



Amity School Dubai has comprehensive Learning Support Teams comprising of highly educated and experienced staff.


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