Amity School Dubai Board of Governors are well represented across all stakeholders of the school. The Chairperson and the Board of Governors ensure that a set of responsibilities (through its leadership team), practices, policies and processes exercised by the school are strategic and achievable, and resources are used responsibly with accountability. The Board supports the school with adequate resources to ensure delivery of quality education.






Dr. Vajahat Hussain - Chief Executive Officer - Amity Education Middle East




Dr. Kavita Shukla - Vice President - Student Recruitment - Amity University, Dubai
Mr. Adrian Frost - Principal - Amity International School, Abu Dhabi
Ms. Lynn Thompson - Head of Inclusion - Amity International School, Abu Dhabi


Nominated Members


Head of Finance Committee - Mr. Suresh Menon - Senior Vice President - Finance, Amity Education Middle East

Head of HR Committee - Mr. Sadath Abdul Salam - Vice President- HR, Amity Education Middle East


Link Governor


Ms. Sakeen Shaikh - Assistant Vice President – Compliance, Amity Education Middle East




Ms. Jonita Moras - Parent Representative 

Dr. Mohamed Rafique - Parent Representative 




Ms. Bala Sadasivan - Vice Principal
Mr. Rahul Saseendran - Operations Manager


Student Council


Mr Maheshwar Jayakrishnan Nair - Head Boy

Ms Karen Johnson - Head Girl


Member Secretary


Ms. Sangita Chima - Principal



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